The World Famous Physicist and his Politics

Picture of Einstein (Via BusinessInsider)

One of the largest humanitarian crises of the 21st century

History of the Conflict

Hundreds of miles long and thousands of years old

Streets of Istanbul, Turkey (Via Unsplash, by Svetlana Gumerova)

How ice skating killed 40 people

A Scene from the Regents Park Disaster (Originally published on “The Illustrated London News”)

How philosophy could disappear in the next centuries

Galileo Galilei Contemplating the Universe (By K. Mitch Hodge via Unsplash)

What is Philosophy?

The earthquake which wiped out two entire cities

Map of Earthquakes over a magnitude of 5.5, with the boundaries of the Adriatic plate and the African continental plate (US Geological Survey, via Wikimedia)

The last relic of Italian Communism

BAL Ultras at a Livorno Game (Credit to Claudio Freccia)

How something so sweet caused so much bitterness

Panorama of the molasses disaster (Photo via Flikr by Boston Public Library)

What is Molasses?

The blurred lines between two of academia’s most distinguished subjects

Photo by AlexBlock on Unsplash

Philosophy vs Literature; What’s the Difference?

How a 5000-year-old can teach us to live life to its fullest.

Photo by Cristina Gottardi on Unsplash

Who Were the Minoans?

Nicola Bosch

18 year old writer based in Milan. Photographer and student. Lover of philosophy and history.

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